Am I Too Old For This?


This Sunday, is my 39th birthday! Woohoo!!  There have been many moments in my life that I’ve used age as a reason to question my decisions.  Should I be starting a new career at my age? Should I be starting a new business? Should I be selling a business?  Should I be launching a new website?  Should I really be sporting a mohawk?  But, after watching a video (at the bottom of the post) featuring 96 and a ½ year old George Jedenoff, I remember two words  … HELL YEA!!

George began skiing at the age of 43 and has now enjoyed 53 consecutive years of skiing at Utah’s Alta and Snowbird.  That’s a lifetime of Winter Fun!!

The thing that really strikes me about this interview is that George is always smiling. We can tell that he has a zest for life that he finds in his skiing.  He says “motivation is a matter of attitude”. What a great reminder to embrace every new challenge in life with a smile. “Skiing is like having a fancy dessert”, says George. How often in life do we overlook the small things that can bring us joy?  “ … enjoy what you’re doing, it’s the important thing”.  If you ever find yourself getting down over your daily routine or in a rut, remember these words from George and consider an attitude adjustment.

The highlight of this video for me was at 3:02 when George is asked how he feels about powder.  His smile and enthusiasm shine like the sun. “Oh powder, oh don’t get me started on powder, I just love it … I can find a little powder by the tree, I’ll go hit it, it’s just great … powder is just powder”.  At 96+ years old George is not just living, he is seeking out the things in life that bring him joy. He is seeking out the powder of life and taking his turns with a smile.  We say “hit it George, hit it!”

So, as I approach another year of this wonderful life, I’ll remember to embrace every day with appreciation.  I’ll remember that there are little powder stashes all around.  I’ll be taking my turns with a smile and who knows, I might finally throw that toga party I’ve always dreamed of. … At my age??

Anyway, I introduce to you, George Jedenoff!