Three Winter Festivals You Shouldn’t Miss, Unless You’re Dead


Winter is the best season to be alive. So if you’re on the right side of the frozen ground this Winter season, be sure and check out three of the coolest Winter festivals we could find. I wish we could travel to all of them and give you an official WinterReview report. But, since we still have day jobs, be sure and take plenty of pics and post your review of each event to share with the rest of us.

The World Ski and Snowboard Festival

World Ski & Snowboard Festival 2014


If there is one Mega-Festival in North America that celebrates Winter sports and activities, this is it. The WSSF is held every April in Whistler, BC and is so much more than sticks and boards. Music and the arts are abundant at this event with film, photography and mixed media art focused on Winter and Mountain Culture. This party is also the largest outdoor free concert series in all of Canada. Oh Canada, we knew we could count on you to bring us one of the best Winter parties of the year.  Read On …..


The Saranac Lake Winter Carnival



On the other side of the continent and just a few miles South of the border lies Saranac Lake, NY. The residents of this Adirondack community have a more family minded approach to the celebration of Winter. The Saranac Lake Winter Carnival is a true community gem and everyone gets involved. This family friendly event is less big air and more family fun.  Read On …..



Frozen Dead Guy Days



Frozen Dead Guy Days is the WinterReview “Can’t Miss Festival of the Year” for the ’16/’17 Winter season. This festival is short enough for a weekend getaway but jam packed with loads of Winter fun. This festival celebrates the life, death and subsequent freezing of Grandpa Bredo. Interested? Check out all the details of the quirky story behind this amazing event. Read On …..