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  1. It was an unusually cold March day here, which is just how royals from Henry VIII to Princess Diana would want it to preserve their wardrobes. After all, some of their belongings are among the approximately 10,000 pieces of the royal , restored and archived in the equally chilly interiors o this London suburb “We have things that relate to our palaces,” said Adam Budhram, media and public relations manager of Historic Royal Palaces, an independent charity that manages Hampton Court and five other historic sites. “It starts with a monarch and goes down strata by strata, to the servants, to livery dress. It’s a lovely thread and a nice way to tell the stories.” The collection ranges from decorative hatpins to King George IV’s 1821 velvet, ermine and gold coronation robe, so heavy it requires six people to move. , it also holds a footnote of interest: a sample shoe that Raine London produced for Princess Elizabeth’s consideration as the future monarch planned her wedding attire in 1947. At Hampton Court, Eleri Lynn, the collection’s curator, donned a coat before leading a visitor from her heated office down stony hallways, through peaked Tudor archways and past diamond-paned casement windows to one of 12 rooms devoted to archiving or conserving the collection. For More You Can Check: Cryptocurrency Animation Video
  2. Hello, A camp for at-risk young people may be in jeopardy after a theft from the Launceston PCYC. Statewide program Project Booyah is run from the PCYC’s Newstead site two days as week and is a 20-week program for at-risk 15-17-year-olds. Constable Simpson said if the stolen bikes weren’t returned or replaced the camp would have to change. “We will still have the camp but we might have to change up what we were going to do,” he said. Constable Simpson said the bikes were frequently used for the program as part of its “mentor days.” During mentor days, participants enjoy outdoor recreational challenges and activities, including the use of the bikes. Constable Simpson said this year’s Project Booyah participants had been disappointed to hear about the theft. “They are all quite shocked,” he said. The program aims to connect participants with formal education and/or vocational opportunities. Project Booyah district coordinator and PCYC club officer Dave Simpson said the program centred around outdoor recreation. “About halfway through the program we hold a two-night, three-day camp and this year we were planning on taking the participants to Derby and Weldborough,” Constable Simpson said. “It really is a rite-of-passage camp.” For More You Can Check: Token sales advertising campaign
  3. Ski resorts begin to close for the season

    Hello, It’s that time of year when ski resorts begin to shut down for the season. At least three of them will close for the season Monday. Several other will do the same in the days to come. For some of them, it has been a challenging season due to the lack of snow. That was not the case at Eldora Mountain near Nederland. Some parts of the mountain got up to 6 inches Saturday night. That meant a great day at Eldora Sunday. Sam Bass, of Eldora Mtn Resorts, said “It’s a pleasant surprise but we’ve just been blessed all week by a ton of snow. Great weather and we have some of the best conditions in the state right now." Many resorts have had to deal with drought like conditions. Despite the lack of snow on some days, Eldora says its crowds have remained steady. For More You Can Check: Smart contract technology example
  4. The phone call came at 8 p.m. from the Saudi royal court: Come to The Plaza, immediately. We journalists rushed over to the Manhattan hotel, but it was almost three hours before anything happened. And when it did -- when Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and Masayoshi Son, Softbank’s chief executive officer, wordlessly signed papers and declared that a “huge step in human history” had been taken -- we had no idea what they were talking about. As the prince left, Son stood still for several long seconds before taking questions “What just happened?” I ventured. The public signing of a Saudi plan to build a $200 billion solar facility was indeed historic. If successful, it will be the world’s largest solar-energy installation by a factor of 100. But no one told us what was going on as we sat on the floor (no chairs). It was just another day -- or night -- in the chaotic life of the hundreds of officials, business figures and communications consultants who are trailing the heir to the Saudi throne around the world as he tries to drum up investment and boost his country’s image. He’s in the middle of a three-week U.S. visit. After Washington, Boston and New York, the delegation headed to the West Coast for meetings with Microsoft founder Bill Gates and the heads of Amazon, Apple, Google and Uber. The trip got off to a madcap start when the Saudis applied at the last minute for more than 500 U.S. visas, according to a person familiar with the matter. As organizers weighed whether to allow media access to a gala dinner in Washington, I was invited, dis-invited and then re-invited. At least three government entities, along with outside firms, are involved in coordinating press coverage of the visit but information has been scarce. Journalists gleaned the outline of the prince’s schedule -– when he would travel to different cities, who would accompany him and whom he would meet –- through rumors and anonymous sources. Part of the tension appears to be over how much to publicize -- and how much change the Saudi public can handle. While in New York, Prince Mohammed met with U.S. Zionist leaders, But the participants were sworn to secrecy. Meanwhile, another meeting he held in New York, with religious figures including Roman Catholic clergy and two rabbis, was heralded by the Saudi embassy as inter-religious dialogue that “emphasized the common bond among all people, particularly people of faith.” Asked about the unannounced meeting, one Saudi government representative didn’t respond while a second referred back to the press release about the interfaith gathering without further comment. For More You Can Check: Blockchain Technology Advantages
  5. Hello, If anyone knows about working towards a goal, it’s Olympic athletes. And watching them dominate in the winter games is providing us with some major inspiration right now (to get up off the couch, put down the popcorn and get a workout in of our own). But a winter spent Netflix and chilling, with the occasional weekend run thrown in, can leave us struggling to remember what an ambitious fitness routine even looks like. Which is why setting a specific goal (albeit, at slightly lower stakes) and putting a training plan in place is a smart way to get back on track. Not exactly sure where to start? Arianne Perry, co-founder of Sweet Defeat and an Olympic trials qualifier in track and field, is here to help. With all kinds of road races, including half marathons and full marathons, under her belt, she's perfected a structure that continues to carry her to the finish line. So why not use the Olympics as a catalyst to finally put your own training plan in place? Spring is right around the corner; so whether you have a half marathon on the calendar or finally signed up for that summer volleyball league, follow this formula to set yourself up for success. For More You Can Check: Marketing Video Pricing
  6. said the program had about 20 participants this season. Wyatt said some of those 20 participants tried out intermediate and advanced slopes on Sunday. “So they’ve gone from the beginning of the season not being ever on the slopes to actually going down an intermediate slope,” said Wyatt. Brandi Heather, CADS Alberta president and an instructor at Adapted Physical Education program at Red Deer College, was at the event. She said about 21 RDC students volunteered at the event. Heather said, by participating, students in the program get to learn that even with injuries and illnesses, people are doing what they love. “They are getting an opportunity to see the possibilities for every person to be out on the hill skiing and snowboarding,” Heather said. For More You Can Check: Product Animation Pricing
  7. Winter Hiking, What?

    Winter got you down and sniffly? Bogged down with studying? It’s time to put the books aside and breathe in some fresh air. Trust me, you will feel much better. Hiking is a fun way to stay healthy and in shape and have fun at the same time. Winter hiking brings different risks than summer hiking. It is important to properly prepare for a winter hike to enjoy nature and stay healthy but not put lives at risk. As the boy scout’s motto says: “Always be prepared.” Here are 5 tips to remember before attempting a winter hike: Pack the proper gear This includes wearing the correct clothing. Jeans and anything cotton are the worst enemies when it comes to hiking no matter the season. Ashante Wood has a of what to pack for 14ers which can apply to any hike. For winter hiking, there are a few changes to her list. While she says gloves are optional, gloves are mandatory in the winter. Make that two pairs: one to wear and an extra in the pack in case the first layer gets wet from melted snow. The gloves should be thick and waterproof so that the snow does not soak through them. Layering, layering, layering is the way to go. Starting on a trail, the temperature easily can be in the 20’s, which can go down with elevation gain. Wood recommends a base layer, mid layer, and a wind protection, although a fourth layer in between would not be a bad idea as well. Layers can always be taken off, but once on the trail, the gear in the pack is all there is. When choosing layers, make sure they are thin and flexible as bulky clothing makes hiking slow and tedious. The idea is to be warm, not weighed down. It is very important to keep every patch of skin covered to prevent hypothermia . To cover the face, as the best, but a scarf works well too. Many forget the sun is still in full force, and reflects off of the snow, giving an even more intense glare so make sure to bring sunscreen and sunglasses. For More You Can Check: Video Creation Cost
  8. People play ice hockey in Jilin City, Northeast China's Jilin Province during winter at Jilin Sports Training Center. Photo: IC Witnessing children's immense zeal for winter sports, the ice hockey coach of a primary school in Beijing's Yanqing district is mulling over cooperating with private ice skating centers, so that his students can continue practicing during the summer vacation. "My students forwent sleeping in during the winter vacation and got up at 6 am by themselves to practice ice hockey during the cold winter morning with temperatures reaching -25 C," Zhao Jisheng, the student's coach and a retired professor of the College of Physical Education and Sports at Beijing Normal University, told the Global Times after a challenging winter of training primary school children to play ice hockey. Zhao said that his students' enthusiasm for ice and snow sports has increased a lot. Some parents even told him that their children refuse to switch channels once a winter sports program is airing on TV. Before this winter, they showed almost no interest in such programs. "The cooperation with skating centers means that students can access winter sports all year long, and it also demonstrates how winter sports have been increasingly entering primary schools," Zhao said, with his school being an exemplar. In fact, China's (MOE) has urged primary and middle schools nationwide to establish winter sports courses. China will have 2,000 schools running winter sports courses by 2020, with that number expected to reach 5,000 by 2025, the MOE said in February.Olympic inspiration The MOE has urged primary and middle schools nationwide to conduct practical activities, physical education courses and ideological and political theory courses to introduce children to winter sports.Schools in the northern parts of China are to open winter sports courses, and schools in the southern parts of the country should cooperate with local ice and snow stadiums and clubs, so that students can partake in more winter sports, according to the MOE. Targeted students are also encouraged to join in on cultural activities, such as designing the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games mascot and slogan and participating in Olympics-themed musical activities, drama and art classes and even quizzes. China plans to name 700 primary and middle schools as special Winter Olympic Games representative schools, with 200 of those being in Beijing and 200 in North China's Hebei Province, according to the plan. During the opening ceremony of the new semester at Beijing Qianmen Primary School on February 26, a group of students wearing ski suits practiced on a new ski machine. The school is even due to open winter sports courses from this semester. Taking advantage of the upcoming 2022 Winter Olympic Games in order to promote winter sports to the public should be encouraged in China, and introducing winter sports to students could raise their awareness of, and interest in, such sports, which could also benefit their health, Chinese sports observers said. "The plan also serves as a government effort to reach the goal of engaging 300 million people in winter sports, which was set when China bid to host the 2022 Winter Olympic Games," Wang Zongping, a physical education professor at the Nanjing University of Science and Technology, told the Global Times. Schools and parents pay inadequate attention to students' physical activities, which is a result of China's exam-orientated education system, thus, winter sports should be added as a selective course in China's senior high school entrance examination processes to ensure the government plan is well conducted, Wang said. For More You Can Check: Corporate Video Pricing
  9. Runners aren’t the only ones obsessed with their stats. Skiers and snowboarders also love analyzing their performance. But unlike runners, skiers don’t have a wealth of apps at their fingertips. Still, there are some great apps for winter sports enthusiasts who want to get immersed in the details of their on-hill performance. The best ski apps combine GPS, altimeters and other internal sensors found in most phones to track and log activity on the slopes. The stats you can follow include total number of runs, distance skied, average and top speed, longest run, tallest run and total calories burned. Some apps also allow you to keep track of your friends so you can meet up for lunch or at a familiar lift. You can also compare stats at the end of the day, checking in on who skied which run and how long it took to get to the bottom. And some apps are sophisticated enough to identify the time you spent in lift lines versus the time you spent on the snow. Admittedly, there are downsides to using an app on a ski hill. Getting your phone out of your jacket or ski pants isn’t the easiest of tasks, especially on cold days when your hands don’t want to leave your mitts. And since most phones don’t respond well to the cold, it’s an even harder challenge to pull your phone out from under the layers needed to keep it warm enough to work during a typical Canadian day on the slopes. If you have an Apple Watch Series 3, which is equipped with an altimeter and GPS, you can leave your phone under wraps. A recent update added snow sports to the list of apps, allowing skiers and snowboarders to gain full use of the activity-tracking feature of the watch. Use Siri to open your apps and receive real-time updates and stats on your latest run directly from your wrist. Snowshoers and cross-country skiers can do the same, with all winter sports now gaining credit toward your daily exercise goal; you can also read your heart rate and tally your calorie burn. The best apps allow you to turn them on before getting in your first run of the day and turn them off when the lifts close. Then you can check in with the app and revel in your day’s accomplishments as part of your après-ski routine. So for skiers who want better insight into what they do on the hill, here are a few apps that work on iPhones, Androids and the Apple Watch Series 3 to check out before the snow season comes to an end. Slopes This popular app records all the stats skiers love — speed, number of runs accomplished, total vertical and total distance — in a concise, easy-to-read format. Just press start and let it track every move you make while on the slopes. The app works off your phone’s GPS, so you don’t need data or a cell signal, which makes it equally effective in the backcountry and at your favourite ski resort. If you want more, there’s a subscription option, Season’s Pass, for US$19.99; among other features, it includes satellite maps that let your relive your runs on the actual terrain you skied. Ski Tracks Not just for downhill skiers and snowboarders, Ski Tracks also chronicles the activity of cross-country skiers and snowshoers. The sensors built into smartphones are used to track distance, speed, calorie burn, vertical climbs and descents, similar to what runners and cyclists have been tracking for years. It’s probably the most basic of all the apps out there, but if you just want to record, review and save your stats, it gets the job donenw Snoww offers all the skiing stats you need, but excels at keeping friends connected on the hill and through accumulated daily activity. Skiers can use the leaderboard to see how they compare to other Snoww users worldwide in terms of number of runs completed, top speed and vertical descent. The app’s strength is the community it creates, and the opportunity to see how skiers measure up against their peers both near and far. SNOCRU Similar to Snoww in that it specializes in creating communities, this app does a great job at combining the social side of skiing with your social networks. It creates leaderboards, tracking stats by day, month or season, but its appeal lies in the ease of posting your ski experience on your social feeds and sharing with your friends on the mountain. It provides weather and snow conditions, and tracks the locations of your friends on the hill. Keep your snow crew small or expand it to include all SNOCRU members around the world. For More You Can Check: Marketing Video Pricing
  10. Mountain in Wow?

    Hello, Starting from sea level? Blackrock mountain? Highmountain? Mount Hyjal? As some of you are suggesting. Yes, this is a question of highest altitude of each peak starting at sea level. The reason blackrock mountain is here is because the zone itself is significantly raised above sea level. Also I suppose I should say I do not have the answer to this question. It's not a quiz rather a legit curiosity. Thanks For More Reference: Campus Management Solution Video