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  1. Evo cross cuts out

    Hi, Emotion Evo Cross Bought this bike new in Washington, D.C. 2 months ago. Will not turn on sometimes and quite often will just turn off while riding. When power cuts you are not in a sympathetic gear so you will lose control. This has been very dangerous in Washington traffic. If I take It somewhere I can not trust I can get back. The electronic control seem very cheap and after research online I have found many comments about same problem. This bike is heavy and very hard to ride with the power out. If you are stuck miles from home you can not leave a 3000 dollar bike chained up in any part of town. Please help. I didn't find the right solution from the Internet. References:- https://electricbikereview.com/forum/threads/evo-cross-cuts-out.7797/ Motion graphics video agency Thanks
  2. Short Guy Looking for a bike

    Hi, I'm having this feeling of getting myself a proper motorcycle. Growing up all my cousins had bikes, so I got my hands on the most popular of the bunch. That was a very occasional affair though. But now I can't shake off the feeling of owning my own motorcycle and hitting long roads. As I always had this dream of exploring my country on 2 wheels. I started looking around and decided Bajaj Dominar to be in my budget and etc. Are there any riders here around my stature and can advise me a little bit. Please help. I didn't find the right solution from the Internet. References:- https://www.zigwheels.com/forum/posts/24440-short-guy-looking-for-a-bike Creative infographic design agency Thanks
  3. Hi, My splendor bike have running off issue. While am driving the bike its suddenly off the engine, if i suddenly use the clutch and slow the speed and increase the accelerator bike then engine running normally. I checked with all the hero shops mechanics and serviced also, but still issue is not cleared. Can you please help to find the issue. Please help. I didn't find the right solution from the Internet. References:- https://www.heromotocorp.com/en-in/forum/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=110 Business video animation company Thanks
  4. Royal Enfield Himalayan Issues

    Hi, I am someone who likes to tour on my bike and I was planning to buy a RE Himalayan. But, recently I heard a lot of news about the quality and reliability issues faced by Royal Enfield Himalayan. So i am confused whether to buy it or not. Should I wait more till the issues are sorted out? Is there a fuel-injected variant with ABS coming in the future? Please help. I didn't find the right solution from the Internet. References:- https://www.zigwheels.com/forum/posts/23967-royal-enfield-himalayan-issues Creative infographic design service Thanks
  5. Winter Sport

    Hi, Badminton at Wanganui Collegiate caters for players of varying ability. They train three times a week in the School indoor sport complex and at the local badminton club. The large majority play in an internal league and a number play in a local secondary school competition at a centralised venue. Basketball remains a very important second choice option for our students. It has shown good growth in the last seasons due to a well-run local Friday evening competition. We enter around eight teams per season, ranging from boys' and girls' junior teams to the boys' and girls' senior divisions. Our School indoor sport complex provides the ideal practice area with all matches played at the sports centre a few minutes from our campus. The School has a very strong tradition in this sport and has frequently featured in the medals at the New Zealand Secondary Schools Championship. Many athletes who have competed in these Championships have not been full-time runners, but have taken the sport as their second activity. The entire School runs in the House Competition, which also provides a valuable endurance base for winter sport. The School event is held on campus, using the undulating golf course at the back of the Boarding Houses. For More Details:- Explainer video agency Thanks
  6. Hi, The Coast Mountains are a remarkable alignment of peaks that span from the southern tip of British Columbia all the way to Alaska, and when viewed from space these incredible summits stand out as one of the world’s most prominent mountain ranges. This unique landscape offers unlimited potential amidst a dynamic backdrop that sets the stage for big mountain snowmobiling. SnowRide Adventures offers guiding services dedicated to exploring the Coast Mountains and combines an unparalleled instructional component that delivers a ride you’ll never forget. SnowRide Adventures focuses on every aspect of mountain riding, from technical tree riding to epic touring adventures in the high alpine, our riding areas are truly magnificent. Explore SnowRide’s newly expanded tenure that boasts the ultimate in sub-alpine terrain. The geography of the Coast Mountains is nothing less than remarkable and will challenge you beyond your wildest expectations. For More Details:- Video marketing agency Thanks