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How to create a training plan to reach any fitness goal

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If anyone knows about working towards a goal, it’s Olympic athletes. And watching them dominate in the winter games is providing us with some major inspiration right now (to get up off the couch, put down the popcorn and get a workout in of our own).

But a winter spent Netflix and chilling, with the occasional weekend run thrown in, can leave us struggling to remember what an ambitious fitness routine even looks like. Which is why setting a specific goal (albeit, at slightly lower stakes) and putting a training plan in place is a smart way to get back on track.

Not exactly sure where to start? Arianne Perry, co-founder of Sweet Defeat and an Olympic trials qualifier in track and field, is here to help. With all kinds of road races, including half marathons and full marathons, under her belt, she's perfected a structure that continues to carry her to the finish line.

So why not use the Olympics as a catalyst to finally put your own training plan in place? Spring is right around the corner; so whether you have a half marathon on the calendar or finally signed up for that summer volleyball league, follow this formula to set yourself up for success.


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