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Ski resorts begin to close for the season

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It’s that time of year when ski resorts begin to shut down for the season.

At least three of them will close for the season Monday. Several other will do the same in the days to come.

For some of them, it has been a challenging season due to the lack of snow.

That was not the case at Eldora Mountain near Nederland. Some parts of the mountain got up to 6 inches Saturday night. That meant a great day at Eldora Sunday.

Sam Bass, of Eldora Mtn Resorts, said “It’s a pleasant surprise but we’ve just been blessed all week by a ton of snow. Great weather and we have some of the best conditions in the state right now."

Many resorts have had to deal with drought like conditions. Despite the lack of snow on some days, Eldora says its crowds have remained steady.

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