Arizona Snowbowl Announces the Opening of Uphill Access for the Season


Arizona Snowbowl announced in an email today that they will open to uphill users for the season at 5pm on Wednesday, December 21st.  

Uphill users are those that ascend a ski slope under their own power. Many use equipment called climbing skins and alpine touring bindings while others use snowshoes and carry their skis or snowboard. Arizona Snowbowl allows the activity in their permit area but until now it has been restricted for the season. The ski area cited lack of natural snowfall and grooming operations as reasons for not opening earlier.

Snowbowl has implemented several new uphill policies for the 2016/2017 season including a free pass and armband that must be carried and worn by the user. You can find more information about the new policies here.

The following routes will be open to uphill users:

  • Ridge Side: Northstar to Stump Patch to Lower Ridge to Ridgeway to Midway
  • Bowl Side: Northstar to Round Up to Wild Turkey to Logjam to Midway (You can do a loop if you choose)
  • Hart Prairie: Hart Prairie to Boo Boo to Logjam to Midway

Safety personnel say that the top of the mountain is still closed due to grooming operations. Users can find daily information on routes and closings on a kiosk that is located in Parking Lot 6 at the ski area.

Arizona Snowbowl operates entirely on public lands under a special use permit from the United States Forest Service.

For more information on Arizona Snowbowl Uphill Access you can visit their Safety Page.
For more information on uphill access at other North American ski resorts, visit our Uphill Policies page. 

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