Arizona Snowbowl Delays Opening

arizona snowbowl snowmaking facebook

Photo Credit: Arizona Snowbowl Facebook, Carlos Danel

Arizona Snowbowl has delayed their opening for at least one more day after announcing a 60% possibility of opening today at 1pm.

Many people are surprised that there are ski resorts in the Southwest, particularly in Arizona. Phoenix and the Sonoran desert are well known for the saguaro cactus and temps that reach well above 100 degrees in the summer season. The mountain ski town of Flagstaff, Arizona, the closest city to AZ Snowbowl, sits high above the heat at the base of the San Francisco Peaks. “The Peaks” contain the 6 highest peaks in Arizona with Humphreys Peak standing tallest at 12,633′. Arizona Snowbowl receives an average annual snowfall of 260 inches.

Arizona Snowbowl has delayed an opening once already this year citing temperatures too warm for snow making. The ski resort will still set a record for their earliest opening day in history if they are able to meet tomorrow’s 70% probability.

Arizona Snowbowl’s Facebook Announcement:

Arizona Snowbowl Facebook post just before 1pm today: “After a night of temperatures that were much warmer than forecasted for making snow, Snowbowl will not open today as we had originally hoped. Snowmakers and cat operators continue to work throughout the day to make snow as conditions permit so we can open as soon as possible. Due to the weather being so unpredictable, mountain officials estimate there is a 70% probability of opening Saturday morning. We are as excited for the season to begin as you are, and we greatly appreciate your patience! We will continue to keep you posted on our progress, and we’ll have another update for you tonight.”

Email from Marketing Director Melanie Street distributed Thursday November 17th at approximately 7pm:
Snowbowl remains hopeful for Friday afternoon skiing.  After continued snowmaking, Snowbowl officials are targeting November 18 to open for the ski season. With forecasted cold temperatures, ski area management estimates a 60% probability of having the Ridge trail open by mid-day. This also means there’s a 40% chance that Snowbowl will not open, and guests are encouraged to make their travel plans accordingly. Snowbowl General Manager J.R. Murray states, “We have been making snow continually since Wednesday night and will continue making snow tonight and Friday, capitalizing on the coldest temperatures we have seen so far.  Our projected opening will showcase 1,500’ vertical and over one mile of skiing provided by the new Grand Canyon Express, Arizona’s first high-speed six-person chairlift with skiing down Ridge, Agassiz, and Lower North Star to the bottom of the lift”.  A full update will be announced Friday morning.”