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What’s that you say? You Love Winter??  What a coincidence, so do we.

We have so much in common.  Let’s hang out!

WinterReview is the web’s number one online community dedicated to the season that we all Love, Winter! We are all about community and interaction and member contributions are a large part of our site.

Are you a talented writer or dedicated blogger?  Do you love to travel or try new products?  Are you a Winter athlete?  If so, there are many opportunities to contribute your writing to WinterReview. Reviewers, Bloggers and Regular Contributors are paid for their writing and we hold several yearly contests with cash awards.  Winter, writing and cash … what could be better?

Reviews: WinterReview is the place that people come to get the information on the Winter products and resorts that they love. We provide in-depth, opinion based reviews of everything Winter.  But hey, we can’t be everywhere and try every product, that is why our team of product reviewers is so important and we are always seeking reviewers to review the places and products that make Winter so great.

Articles: Snow reports, wool socks and the best Spring skiing; there are plenty of topics to choose from when writing a Winter article. At WinterReview we are always open to new article ideas and willing to pay for and publish the best Winter content on the web.

Blogs:  We host a handful of unique and entertaining Winter blogs on WinterReview. While we try not to duplicate content, we are always searching for unique styles and voices that let their personalities and their love of Winter shine through. We also welcome guest blogs from writers and athletes around the world.

Trip Reports: Your Winter Adventure was so totally awesome!!  Show it off by telling the world, posting pics and impressing your friends. We are always looking for new and interesting Winter destinations and adventures.

Passion: Passion is the creative writing side of WinterReview.  From short stories to poetry and even Winter Haiku, we love to write almost as much as we love Winter.  We are continually searching out creative writing about Winter. We hold several yearly contests and even offer cash awards for many of them. So let your Passion for Winter shine and get involved by submitting your creative writing to WinterReview.

So, what are you waiting for?  It’s easy to submit to WinterReview.  Here’s how:

  • Become a member on our Forums.
  • Introduce yourself at “The Fireplace” and let us know that you’d like to contribute.
  • We’ll send you a PM with the submission process.

That’s it!! It’s almost as easy as building a snowman.