How to use WinterReview


How to become a vibrant member of the WinterReview Community.

WinterReview is more than a website. It is a community of people that think like you, people that think Winter. The founders, editors and staff writers of WinterReview work hard to bring the reviews and information that matter to you.

WinterReview was created to be more than a clearinghouse for keywords and advertisements. It was created to be a community. The mission of WinterReview is to bring people together in a way that only the internet can do.

Here a few ways that you can become a vibrant member of the WinterReview community:

  • Stalk: It’s ok to watch! Read the articles, stalk the forums (coming soon) and get all of the Winter information that you crave.
  • Like, Rate and Share: You don’t have to be a member to get involved. You can like articles, rate resorts and products and share the things you like on the social media platforms that you love.
  • Become a Member: Create an account on our forums page and join the conversation. Creating an account allows you to post on the forums, share galleries and videos and join the conversation with writers, bloggers and reviewers. Don’t be shy about becoming a member, WinterReview will never share your information and we won’t use your email for marketing purposes, EVER.
  • Become a WinterReviewer: Community is all about sharing and WinterReview is no different. Our reviews and articles are written by people that have been there and done that. They are written by people like you. If you are interested in writing for WinterReview, simply visit our submissions page to find out how.
  • Feedback: Let us know what you think and what you’d like to see. WinterReview is designed to be an inclusive and informative community for all Winter lovers. So, let us know what you love about Winter and what you need to see for WinterReview to be your number one source for Winter stoke.

*: To rate a review, simply hover over the star rating and click!
:): To leave a comment on an article, review or blog, simply fill in the fields.

Note: Only registered users can post to the forums and galleries. This reduces spam and creates a fun, safe and interactive community.