Kahtoola MICROspikes Review


Winter gear … where does one begin? Whether you are longing to stay active during the short days or wanting to pull some huge air like your Olympic heroes, there is one piece of Winter gear that can get you started in a lifestyle of enjoying the outdoors all year long. So, after you’ve gotten yourself a nice pair of wool socks, go ahead and get your first piece of Winter gear, Kahtoola MICROspikes.

The WinterReview of Kahtoola MICROspikes

Kahtoola MICROspikes are the most versatile and necessary piece of equipment in my Winter bin. They’re great for the avid hiker, trail runner, skier and banker that has to walk down an icy sidewalk. From newbie to extremist, Kahtoola MICROspikes will do the job of keeping your feet beneath you and your bottom off the ground.

You’re brand new to Winter fun? That’s ok, just slip your MICROspikes on over your favorite pair of shoes, boots or penny loafers and you’ll have all the traction you need. Sorry ladies, these aren’t going to work with your 6” heels, but for almost every other pair of footwear Kahtoola has designed a piece of gear that is versatile to the max. Even if you’ve lived on a tropical island your whole life, you’ll instantly be able to figure out how to use this equipment. They are conveniently labeled so you’ll never have them on backwards or on the wrong foot. This is the easiest traction device to wear.

From the desert Southwest to the far reaches of the arctic, Kahtoola has designed a traction system that is useful in a wide range of conditions. If you live somewhere that gets occasional snowfall you could always just stay indoors for those 20 days a year. …. Yea right, you want to get outside and enjoy that Winter Wonderland. The spikes will give you traction for your morning run in the city park or walking the dogs around the block before the snow melts. If your home is firmly in the grasp of Old Man Winter, then you’ll use your spikes more often. The rubber straps are designed to stay flexible down to -76 degrees F. The spikes are large enough to dig into ice and make sure you stay on course. The heat treated 400 series stainless steel spikes are strong enough to withstand rocks and concrete. In spring like conditions they’ll keep you upright in the slippery mud as well.

Not only are the MICROspikes the most versatile traction system for a variety of footwear, they are absolutely the most useful in the widest range of activities. I’ve seen professional athletes and professional businessmen use these on a daily basis. I’ve had two pairs (I keep one handy for friends) since the first year they were sold. I’ve used them to take walks in the park, go on training runs with professional athletes and climb the highest peak in AZ. I’ve used them to climb the ski slopes for sunrise runs and I’ve even worn them while hiking the Grand Canyon. If you slip and fall on one of the frozen trails of the North Rim, you’ll have your story in the famous book “Death In The Canyon”. My spikes have never let me down. They have withstood 2 miles+ of hard lava rock on wind blown peaks, shaken off plenty of mud and they still look pretty awesome too.

In the years that I’ve had knowledge of the Kahtoola MICROspikes I’ve heard of one instance of the chains breaking. I know that the customer walked into the Kahtoola facility and was given a new pair, no questions asked. If you’re not lucky enough to live nearby, Kahtoola is a company that is dedicated to supporting their customers and has a proven history of standing by their products.

On top of all of the functional uses of the Kahtoola MICROspikes, Kahtoola itself is a company that deserves to be in your home. Based in Flagstaff, AZ (hey, that’s where I live!), they work hard to keep their production local. Kahtoola supports local environmental efforts such as Camp Colton and they champion the preservation of indigenous mountain cultures worldwide. Kahtoola is a local partner and a global friend. They treat their employees, customers, community and world with the kind of respect that you’d expect from a friend.

If you haven’t noticed, my opinion of Kahtoola is way above the tree line. I’m not on staff and I’ve never even gotten a free pair! Kahtoola is a hometown company and I’ve witnessed firsthand the integrity of their company and their product.

  • Synthetic
  • Ideal for walking, hiking and running on snow-packed trails
  • Securely attaches to running shoes, lightweight hikers, everyday shoes, and snow boots
  • 3/8-inch-long spikes (1 cm). 12 spikes per foot on SM to XL. 10 spikes per foot on XS
  • Spikes made from heat treated 400 stainless steel. 2-year manufacturer’s warranty. Weight (per pair): SM – 12.2 oz. MD – 13.6 oz. LG- 14.4 oz. XL – 15.6 oz
  • SIZING (for Hiking Boots & Tennis Shoes): XS – US Youth 1-4. SM – US Men 4.5 – 7, Women 5.5 – 8.5; MD: US Men 7 – 11, Women 8.5-12; LG: US Men 11-14; XL – Men US 14-16