WSSF: Day 4 Highlights


WSSF 2014 Highlights Day 4Day 4 of the World Ski and Snowboard Festival has come and gone. After a crazy weekend, attendees were ready for a bit of a break. Sunny Monday + few official events = time to head up the mountain.

Conveniently, the main event of the day was on the mountain, making it easy to watch a bit of the action between laps. The Monster Energy Shred Show boarderstyle competition (complete with a pond obstacle—yes, a pond!) took place on Blackcomb, with Canadian Rube Goldberg coming in first and taking home a sweet $1,000 cash prize.

Down in the Village, free concerts kept the crowds entertained as they explored the booths and tents lining the Village stroll—including an airbag jumping demo tent, where jumpers hopped off a 33-foot platform.

There were no official evening events, but the pubs and clubs in town kept party animals plenty occupied while the rest of us caught up on sleep, in preparation for the next few days of action.

Day 5 will bring the final day of the snowboard-centric Shred Show, plus one of the only non-ski/snowboard related events, the “72 Hour Filmmaker Showdown”. Details on tomorrow’s post. Unfortunately, it looks like Day 5 will also bring an end to the perfect weather. I don’t think that will hold us back, though.

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