Festival Guide: Frozen Dead Guy Days


You don’t have to be dead to enjoy Frozen Dead Guy Days in Nederland, CO.  But it’s ok if you are. This weekend festival has a rich, albeit strange history.  FDGD celebrates the life, or more accurately, the death of Grandpa Bredo.  Bredo Morstoel was born and raised in Norway where he eventually died of a heart condition in 1989.  Upon his death he was transported to a cryonics facility in Oakland and eventually to a family home in Nederland, CO.  It’s been a journey of uncertainty for Grandpa Bredo, but one thing is certain, the people of Nederland have created a one of a kind festival to celebrate his quirky story.

You don’t need to sock away vacation time or quit your job to enjoy this party.  Frozen Dead Guy Days is held over one weekend in March.  This weekend is filled with live music, contests, winter sports and is a one of a kind party.

Coffin Races

Coffin Races

FDGD is just like any other Winter festival, right?  It has plenty of music … Friday night’s “Blue Ball” has featured bands such as Euforquestra and the Deadphish Orchestra are a local favorite. There are races …coffin races. Parades? Of course there are parades … the parade of hearses is an annual tradition!  Winter Sports?  Oh yea, they’ve got Winter sports … like ice turkey bowling and frozen salmon tossing.  This festival is full of culture with the Frozen Dead Poet Society Readings and Frozen T-shirt Contests.  And no celebration would be complete without our favorite Winter beverage, beer. Powered by 2016 sponsors such as Vail Brewing Co and Pabst Blue Ribbon the festival hosts two beer tents and Saturday night is Grandpa Bredo’s favorite event, Grandpa’s Pub Crawl.  

Well, Frozen Dead Guy Days isn’t your typical Winter festival after all. But it is WinterReview’s can’t miss festival of the year. So come on out and enjoy this amazing Winter event with Grandpa Bredo and the crew!!

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