WSSF: Hump Day Highlights


Image: Darcy Turenne’s Team Celebrates With A Shot Ski

WSSF: Day 5 Highlights

Ladies and gentlemen, we are halfway through the World Ski and Snowboard Festival!

Despite a sketchy forecast, Day 5 actually brought decent weather and larger-than-expected crowds. The weather held out for free performances by Seattle-based band, Longstride, and Vancouverites Pigeon Park.

Sporting competitions took a break, letting creative competitions enjoy the limelight. Day 5 brought the infamous Olympus 72 Hour Filmmaker Showdown, a film festival of sorts featuring five minute movies that were made earlier in the week. Teams had 72 hours to shoot and edit their productions, and the top ten films were screened in front of a sold-out crowd.

The 72 Hour Filmmaker Showdown is usually the first WSSF event to sell out, and this year was no exception—it’s a veritable who’s who of Whistler. Filmmaker/pro mountain biker Darcy Turenne’s psychedelic film, The Trip, took home the $8,000 cash prize, while the hilarious Stalk and Peel by Oliver Popley wooed the crowd for the People’s Choice Award.

We’ll continue to witness local film making talent with Day 6’s Intersection—except this film festival is all about homegrown ski and snowboard movies. We’ll also transition into the World Skiing Invitational, which takes over the second half of the festival. We’ve made it this far—go, WSSF, go!

Oliver Popley’s Team Celebrates The People’s Choice Award

Oliver Popley’s Team Celebrates The People’s Choice Award

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